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47 yr old male, medically retired from military / Service dates 1990-1994 *Very interested in the culmination of data and using deductive reasoning skills to ascertain most likely degree of faults or weaknesses. Always asking questions to find root cause and underlying root cause of an issue. *Politics frustrates me *Env Science/Chem/Biostatics/Ergonomics/Process and Policy writer for Manufacturing Corps, Statistical Analysis for process efficiency standards, Homeland Security USPS anthrax and Ricin IEMP production, Emergency Response Train Derailments *Never Registered to vote

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Jan 26, 2019 -- (Rating Record #43490) -- I'm happy govt (fed) employees are back to getting paid for their work as they should. I am displeased that shutting down the gov't includes penalizing tax paying americans and yet there is no penalty for these "public servants" who get paid regardless of what they do, don't do or their little turf wars they each have because of the party they identify with instead of showing unity within our gov't and support of POTUS. If you are a public servant, your finances should be locked until you leave   -- murdock - KC,KS