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I am a cellist, a third generation student of Yip Man, and an avid traveler. I have also had the good fortune to be a developer of large scale Internet services from an early age. I started out burning the midnight oil hacking during high school years. After winning awards from the Department of Energy for a project on cryptography, I found myself working at a telecommunications company before the age of 18. A couple decades later, having led development of new products and platforms at fortune 100 companies, government agencies and startups on three continents, I now burn the midnight hours helping companies succeed in building cloud-native microservice platforms. This includes crafting a complete vision, advising on organizational structure and processes, training staff and hands-on guiding of development as needed.

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Dec 05, 2018 -- (Rating Record #38720) -- Clearly this tweet is crossing the line into witness tampering. If one were innocent or had any respect for law and our constitution, they would stay out of these matters and let the investigation play out. Trump can't help from putting his thumb on everything related and it is damning evidence in my eyes.   -- benbenson - Bend, Oregon