Donald J Trump White House POTUS Signed Challenge Coin 3D


• AUTHENTIC: Get the highly Anticipated & Official US President Donald Trump Challenge Coin and The Inauguration of Donald Trump Lapel Pin Set. It is a history in the making as President Trump will “Make America Great Again!” • DETAIL: Obverse shows the Seal of the President of the United States Eagle and the Reverse shows the White House with 45th President of the United States of America, Donald J. Trump signature. Lapel pin shows the President Eagle Insignia with magnet on back. • QUALITY: Great workmanship showing details of the White House and President Donald J. Trump signature in 3D. Comes in antique gold finishing where key high points are polish gold finishing for that shine. • COLLECTIBLE: Challenge coin is 2 inch diameter, 3/16 inch thick and heavy (2.5oz or 70g). Come in a vinyl envelope for protection and clear viewing. The Inauguration Lapel Pin is 1 3/16 inch diameter x 1/16 inch thick. Magnetic round on back of lapel pin. • GUARANTEE: 30 Days Money Back Guarantee, no questions asked.

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