Trump Squishy Toy


✅ TACTILE REJUVINATION – POTUS Squishies can be a great stress reliever. ✅ MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN AND AGAIN AND AGAIN – Great as a premium gift for birthdays, gag gift, white elephant, political aficionado, toys for your kids, office stress reliever, teaching aid, and cultural awareness tool. ✅ NEXT GENERATION FOAM – The latest and greatest in slow rise foam technology. Give Trumps head a big old squeeze and watch it go back to its original form in seconds. ✅ AWESOME STYLE AND DETAIL – This set includes the most vibrant Jumbo Trump this side of Mar-a-Lago. ✅ SIZE & MATERIAL MATTER – This slow rising dough squishy will fit perfectly in an adults hand (even if you have small hands). Not too large, not too small. 5” x 3.25“ x 3”. SAFE & Non-Toxic. Totally safe for kids and adults alike. Environmentally friendly elastic PU (Polyurethane). Our Trumps have a delightfully pleasant vanilla smell

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