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President Donald J.Trump

Our Mission

The purpose of TrumpArchive.com is to build an accurate record of president Donald J. Trump's words and actions, as well as provide a directory of useful resources and products related to Trump. We are not a pro or anti trump website. We believe that it is essential to keep facts and commentary cleanly separated. Users are able to help increase or decrease a record's rank in terms of significance, as well as submit their personal rating and review of any Trump action. By bringing together all the records into a single system, with significance ranking, we hope to make it possible to easily browse the timeline of significant events. Media outlets only focus on the present day's breaking news, TrumpArchive.com keeps everything in sight. In addition to factual records, curated collections are created to help sort through the tens of thousands of records into organized topics of interest.

TrumpArchive.com is a volunteer effort and requires donations to help pay the bills. We are not a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit company just yet (so your contribution won't be tax dedictible), but please chip in if you can to help us continue the effort of obtaining Trump records and maintaining the service.


What We Collect

TrumpArchive.com records are collected from a variety of sources (and we are actively working to grow). Over time we will add features to expose more facets of the data collected. Where prohibited by copyright, we try to provide links to the source material instead and will work to make partnerships or licensing to obtain the material permanently in the future.

  • Tweets - (Twitter)
  • Exective Orders - (Federal Register)
  • Briefings and Statements - (White House)
  • Speeches - (Miller Center, thegrammarlab.com, others)
  • Discussions - as reported by trusted sources
  • Actions - as reported by trusted sources

In addition to the records of fact, TrumpArchive.com collects information about other resources and products related to President Trump. A directory of websites, books, movies and other products is available. If you see a resource missing, please suggest it by sending us email (click the link below).

Code of Ethics

This is not a pro or anti-trump website. Although we are not journalists, we try to subscribe by the same ethical code. Like the Society of Professional Journalists, we believe that "public enlightenment is the forerunner of justice and the foundation of democracy. Ethical journalism strives to ensure the free exchange of information that is accurate, fair and thorough." It is our goal to collect only facts and accurate detail. Records are only collected from trusted sources and, when applicable, links to sources are provided with the record.

The Archive Team

TrumpArchive.com was founded by Ben Benson, a software architect, photographer and politically conscious Independent. We are actively looking for others to join in the effort. In particular, we need volunteers curators to help with collecting information, assembling and maintaining collections. Please join us! Click the link below, and tell us a bit about yourself and how you'd like to help.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Do you keep deleted Tweets?

Yes. As the Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press points out, "all Tweets, including those mistaken or offensive ones, are subject to the same laws governing the government’s and public officials’ email or physical records." We only keep deleted tweets for President Trump and government officials.

An important consequence of Tweets being public records is that these Tweets must be archived. They must be preserved and maintained for a certain retention period, and they must be readily available when requested. This includes the deleted Tweets. Some rely on Twitter to maintain all of a public official’s Tweets. However, this is not an effective or compliant strategy. Deleted Tweets will not show up online and may be lost forever. All Tweets must be archived in order to comply with public records regulation, even if they are later deleted from Twitter. So, even if an official deletes a Tweet, the Tweet will remain apart of public record.
-- ArchiveSocial

What timezone are dates display in?

All dates on the website are shown in Eastern Standard time (EST), same as Washington D.C, New York and Florida which is where President Trump spends the vast majority of his time. We felt it was better to show all times as this time zone because it gives a better understanding of what time it was for President Trump when he tweeted (for example).

What tags can I use to format descriptions with?

We will strip all html tags with exception to the following list:

  • <p> -- paragraph.
  • <a> -- hyperlink.
  • <em> -- emphasized.
  • <strong> -- defines important text.
  • <ol> -- ordered list.
  • <ul> -- unordered list.
  • <li> -- list item in an ordered list <ol> or an unordered list <ul>.
  • <h2>, <h3> -- headings.
  • <blockquote> -- block quotes.